Why You Should Use ForLease Atlanta If You Have a Pet

If you are renting a standard apartment, you probably rented one that was owned by a larger property management group, and if you have rented a condo or a home, you have most likely rented from a private owner. There are pros and cons to each, of course, but what you may not know is that while large property management groups are bound by laws against discrimination, private renters are not, and can therefore be as selective as they wish to be. This is especially tricky when it comes to pets, as most private renters do not want to take on that liability. Pug dog

Why Most Private Landlords Don’t Allow Pets

Most private landlords will not allow a tenant who has pets to move into their home for one simple reason: even the most well-trained pet is still an animal, and animals are often unpredictable. The landlord just does not see the reward outweighing the risk, and aggressive breeds are out of the question, again, for liability.

How can using ForLease Atlanta help?

When you use ForLease Atlanta, we not only present you to the private renter as a name, credit score, and rental history on a piece of paper, but also a portfolio about you. We find that when the landlord actually knows you, they do not see you as an “at-risk tenant” and will often pick you over someone who may appear more desirable on paper.

How do I go about enlisting ForLease Atlanta’s services?

Simply contact us, and we will be happy to tell you anything you would like to know about using our services to help you find your next rental property!

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