Trick-or-Treat Atlanta!


If you lease an Atlanta condo or apartment, Halloween night might be an uncertain time, regardless of whether you have kids or not. If you are new to your property, knowing if you should plan on trick-or-treaters may cause a bit of worry, to say the least; so ForLease Atlanta has a few ideas for you!

Apartment / Condo Tricks for Halloween

If your property is not planning a Halloween event (some do), suggest a ‘property wide event!’ Not sure how to plan this? Here are some basic tips:

  • Time - Make the event match your city’s declared trick-or-treat time; check your local news station if you are unsure about what time this is.
  • Music – Does a neighbor want to play music to give your floor a certain ambiance? Great! Try to encourage your neighbors to coordinate their efforts with only one space playing music per floor; competing music can be too much in shared spaces.
  • Welcoming Knocks – Make a standard ‘sign’ for your neighbors to display outside their places, so trick-or-treaters know which doors it is okay to knock on. Everyone participating could simply tie an orange ribbon to their door knob as an easy way to achieve this. Just make sure the entire building is aware of what is decided (communicate clearly)!

Lack of Spirit

If your community seems to be lacking Halloween spirit try taking your kids to a nearby community event. Many schools, churches and local businesses (check your local mall or outlet shop) offer ‘trunk-or-treats’ to kids on Halloween for free, while other businesses charge a fee. Here are a few Atlanta events to consider:

Happy Halloween from ForLease Atlanta!

From everyone here at ForLease Atlanta, we wish you luck in making your plans for this October 31st! If you would like more information about our Atlanta condo or apartment locator services, please contact us by calling 404-228-0913. Happy Halloween!


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