Protect Your Home and Yourself!

You just moved into a gated apartment complex on the east side of Atlanta. You are thrilled at the thought of being in the city, and settling into your very own place…then you turn on the local news. Not that Atlanta is any less safe than Safety firstanywhere else in the country, but you become alarmed. You are not a homeowner, so you do not want to invest in an alarm system, but still you want to feel safe. At ForLease Atlanta, safety is a top priority, and if any of our clients feel unsafe in a property we recommend, it is a concern to us. Let us assuage some of your hesitation with some easy, simple things you can do to feel more at ease in your apartment, that do not cost that much.

    1. Reinforce Your Door- Because apartment buildings are made relatively quickly, and everybody is trying to save money, many times the door as well as the deadbolt strike plate are not the best grade. Our suggestion is to get some longer screws, and replace the strike plate with one that is a little bit longer. This will make a forced entry much more difficult, and give you peace of mind.
    2. Out Or In- Have you ever noticed which way your door opens? If it opens swinging out, this is a prime opportunity for anyone trying to break in to do it easily. There are some ways to prevent this from happening, without costing too much, and without changing the way the door opens.
    3. Lighting is Key- The best way to secure your apartment is to make it unappealing so a burglar does not even try it. This is easily achieved with a well-lit door stoop. You can either install a motion detection sensor, to save on energy costs, or invest in a small light you keep in a window facing the door. Most apartment complexes would not mind a small alteration to increase security.

Wherever you are, it is always wise to be smart when it comes to safety.

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