How to Repay Your Friends for Helping You Move

It has been a long day. You just signed your lease yesterday, and now it is time to move in. You have already recruited a few of your gym buddies (this is one of our best tips for finding people to help you move; they are usually strong and fit with high endurance) and they are ready to help. Loading up the trucks takes longer than expected, but finally you are on your way to your new apartment in Atlanta! How exciting!

Upon arrival, everything is unpacked relatively smoothly; they even stay to help you organize a little, and put things together! As night falls however, you realize they have done all they were expected to do. You, of course, buy them dinner and albeit just a pizza, they are appreciative. You feel there is something else you should do for them, seeing that they spent their free Saturday moving heavy furniture for you. At ForLease Atlanta we have some suggestions for reciprocation!Man carrying box

Cold, Hard Cash

Nothing speaks louder than cash. If you feel this is what your friends would appreciate most, or if you do not think you will see them soon, or possibly again, this is more than appropriate.

Having Them Over for Dinner

If your friends do not live too far from your new home, have them over for dinner once you get settled. Cook them a meal to say ‘thank you for all of their help.’ They will appreciate the effort, and a free meal!

Regardless of how you thank your friends for the help, we are sure they know that you appreciate them. For help finding a rental property, do not hesitate to give ForLease Atlanta a call!

The Washer/Dryer Conundrum

If you are looking to move in the next few months, you have certainly considered this question already: to have a washer/dryer connection or not to have a washer/dryer connection. It is not as clear-cut as one might think, after all, you must weigh your priorities making the decision completely subjective. ForLease Atlanta wants to help you make your decision, so here are some things to consider!

-Do you mind sharing with other people?
-Do you want to pay more for the connection?
-Do you do your laundry at odd hours?
-Do you like the convenience of being able to launder your clothes whenever the whim hits?
-Do you prefer to pay more upfront, or over time?

Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to decide which is the better option for you!Washer/Dryer

Step 1: You will want to find out if your apartment has a laundry facility on-site. If so, find out the price of your on-site facility or how much the local laundromat costs. Do not forget to factor in travel cost if your laundry facility is not within walking distance.

Step 2: You will want to consider the cost of general supplies such as detergent, fabric softener, etc. You should also add a buffer to this cost, such as if you spill your soup on your favorite dress at work, and want to get it out pretty immediately.

Step 3: Consider how much it would cost to purchase a washer/dryer. Usually, even the
most economical will cost you around $800, and you will want to factor in water and energy costs with this variable as well.

Step 4: Decide which works best for you! If your main concern is price, then you may want to go for the apartment facility’s units, as they will be more cost efficient for a short period of time. If you are concerned with convenience and cleanliness, you may consider purchasing your own. Either way, the decision is yours!


Those Sneaky, Sneaky Fees

You are the budgeting master. You have spreadsheets, budget apps on your phone, and lists galore! You know exactly where your money goes, and why it is allocated the way it is. Good for you! You are also moving into a brand new apartment, so of course you have already considered the rent and utility costs, as well as the application, and administrative fees. You are good to go…or are you? Check out ForLease Atlanta’s list of hidden fees and expenses for which you may not have budgeted.Bandit


Most renters know that if you move into an apartment, the utilities are not included. Sometimes, you get a place where partial utilities are included, but it will rarely be all. What many renters do not know, however, are the mandatory utilities that add up very quickly. Some apartments require you to get sewer, trash, Internet and cable services, while others may only require water, and sewer, Make sure you know which utilities are required, and be sure to budget for that.


One great thing about living in an apartment is there is always free maintenance…right? Not always. Many landlords require you to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the convenience of having the 24 hour convenience of a handyperson!

Pet Fees

So, you expected you would have to pay a pet deposit for your 12-year-old chihuahua, but did not expect an additional fee on your monthly rent bill! Make sure you check and see if the pet fee is one-time, recurring, or both before deciding on a place.

We hope this helps! For the most helpful, and informative leasing service in Atlanta, remember ForLease Atlanta!

New Year; New Move!

Wow! A New Year is upon us. The start of a brand new year comes many brand new opportunities. You may want to pursue something you were scared of in the past. You may want to quit a bad habit, or maybe, just maybe, you want to take that relocation position that was offered last year. If your company is considering relocating you to Atlanta, please consider using ForLease Atlanta to make your move easier!

At ForLease Atlanta, we want to welcome you to our city, and help you find exactly what you are looking for when it comes to apartment rental in your ideal neighborhood. Our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable agents are experts at guiding you through local neighborhoods, and Cityexplaining their individual nuances to you. We make your housing search fast, fun, and easy, all while customizing it to your specific needs.

Whether you are looking for a studio with a view, or a two-bedroom close to work, ForLease Atlanta is your one-stop shop for apartment hunting! We can not only help you find your ideal neighborhood, but also assist your business in the relocation process! We specialize not only in personal relocation, but we can also help your personal or corporate business with their relocation. We have an unmatched database that comprehensively analyzes the market that allows us to provide you with a superb selection of properties, population information, property image, tenant mix, and most importantly, traffic patterns, all to make your rental process more informative and comprehensive.

So, if you are looking to move in the new year, please keep us in mind! We would love to serve you!