My Apartment Changed Management Groups: What Now?

Deciding where to live is a complex decision. You have to decide primarily what type of living situation best suits your needs right now: renting or buying. You must also decide where, what amenities you require, on what you are willing to compromise, and how much you are willing to pay. Many other seemingly non-related factors may also come into play subconsciously, however, such as: If the person you first saw greeted you with a smile, what the grounds look like, how the office smells, and one thing that may be your determining factor is the management group.

Although commonly unknown, apartment management groups play a large role in your decision-making process. The office staff, employed by the management group, is often the first people a new tenant will interact with, so it is important that they are kind and accommodating. What happens then when a month after you move in, the apartment gets bought out by another management group? LeaseAt ForLease Atlanta, we get this question often, so let us help you.

What changes?

  • The office staff: It ¬†will almost always change entirely when the complex is under new management.
  • The way some things are managed: The way you pay your rent, or the way you put in work orders may change systems, or maybe complete policies.
  • The way you interact: If you, as a tenant, developed a rapport with someone at the office, it will take time to develop a new relationship. ¬†

What stays the same?

  • Your lease: The new management cannot change the terms of your lease before it is time. They can alter them for the next lease, raising rent, changing eligibility requirements, etc.
  • You commitment to stay the full term: Because your lease agreement is unchanged, you are still required to stay the full term of your lease, unless you pay the penalty.

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