Moving Boxes for Your Atlanta Move

Moving can be an expensive and difficult process, even for those moving into condos or apartments. Of course moving companies can help, but they can’t pack everything for you or sort through your belongings for you to decide what to keep and what to let go of. ForLease Atlanta wants to help ease your transition into your new Atlanta condo or apartment, by helping you save a little bit of money on your next move. Need boxes? Moving supplies can be an added expense that many people do not take into consideration before a move. So here is a list of a few places you can find inexpensive and/or free moving boxes!boxes

Where to Find Moving Boxes:

Online Moving Boxes

  • Georgia Green Box ($) – This website offers new and used moving boxes and shipping boxes, plus bubble wrap, moving tape, wardrobe boxes, and everything else you may need for a move; and it has six locations around the Atlanta area.
  • BoxQuest (Free-$) – this website offers cheap (sometimes free) moving boxes for sale in various areas around the United States. These boxes vary from wardrobe boxes, boxes for paintings and pictures, shipping boxes, cargo boxes and much more.
  • (Free) – This website offers a variety of free items; simply search your area to see if any boxes are available.
  • (Free) – Search on this website in the free section, for free boxes (this is generally under the “for sale” heading).
  • U-Haul Box Exchange (Free) – This do-it-yourself moving company has created a message board for those in search of free moving boxes in your local area.

Local Business Moving Boxes

When asking local businesses for boxes, you may get a few “no’s,” but more than likely, many will happily comply. Simply be polite when asking and you may want to call ahead to local stores, as they may not have received their weekly shipment in yet.

  • McDonald’s Fry Boxes (Free) – it may sound odd, but the large Fry boxes that transport frozen McDonald’s fries have a huge following from people who like to use them for moving and other uses. The love for these heavy-duty hauling boxes has actually inspired a Facebook appreciation page! If you want to try this ‘miracle box,’ simply go politely ask your local McDonald’s team for some.
  • Bookstores (Free) – Do you have a lot of books to move? Why not get boxes that specialize in bringing books?!
  • Grocery Stores (Free) – Apparently certain fruits, like apples, are shipped in boxes with dividers which could be the perfect boxes for moving your more fragile items.
  • Liquor Stores (Free) – If you need some small, but sturdy boxes, ask for some free boxes from your local liquor store.
  • Local Outlet Mall (Free) – If you have a local outlet mall in your area (like the Outlet Shoppes of Atlanta), it is a great place to approach several businesses in one outing and get all the boxes you need!

ForLease Atlanta hopes that this list will help you save a little time and money on your next move. If you are thinking about moving to an Atlanta condo or apartment, please contact us at ForLease Atlanta to be your new home locator. Our friendly agents look forward to speaking with you!

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