Making The Most Of Your Rented Space

Renting in Atlanta

Congratulations! You just leased your first apartment! You are now the proud renter of 600 square feet of space that is all your own…well, sort of. As you look around your empty space, you start to think about what to fill it with. Since it is not a large space, you may be concerned with overcrowding and may want to know how to most efficiently fill the space to make it not only appear larger but also, function to its utmost ability. Fret not, ForLease Atlanta has some suggestions!

Utilize Mirrors:

Mirrors are very tricky, and also very handy if you are dealing with a small space. Whether you group four or five small ones together to create an interesting visual, or use a large one behind a proportional piece of furniture, this trick has been around for years, and for good reason.

Ditch Drapes:

It is becoming more of a trend in all homes, but forgoing window treatments makes your space seem larger, as it lets in natural light, and opens up the space to the outdoors.

Pro Tip: Light colored trim will help this even more! By painting your trim a light color, and not having curtains, you can make the most of incorporating the outdoors into your indoor space!

Less Might Still Be More

Going with one larger piece, such as a couch in a living room, and accenting with smaller pieces will make the space seem larger if you do it with purpose. Using multi-purpose pieces will also help with this. Utilize your furniture’s functionality!

Whether you came to Atlanta for work or family, we hope you enjoy living in our beautiful City of Trees, and decorate your rented space exactly how you want it!

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