Make Your Rented Space Your Own Without Painting!

You are so excited to move out of your old place! A non-responsive landlord plus messy, and uncooperative roommates do not equal a happy tenant. You have saved your money and can finally, sensibly, afford your own apartment, and you have found the perfect one! As you are unpacking your things, you start to notice that the walls are a stark, and unwelcoming white. Not eggshell, not ecru, but WHITE. What are you going to do? You know your lease is only for a year, but to stare at those WHITE walls for an entire year seems unbearable. Fear not; ForLease Atlanta has some suggestions.

Temporary Wall Paper

Okay, this is not your grandma’s weird patterned floral wallpaper. There are actually some very trendy, and modern options and the best part is…it is temporary! This means when you leave, you simply peel it off, saving your sanity, as well as your security deposit! The downside is it can be pricey.

Peel-and-stick backsplash tiles

For the kitchen, this can add all kinds of flare and personal style, while still being temporary! Simply cover the existing backsplash with whatever style you like.Whether you want to give your kitchen a Latin flare with some colorful tiles, or a clean look with white, this temporary solution has great reviews and can be a simple, inexpensive, and easy to find.


This one can be versatile. You can either cover the wall tightly with fabric secured with thumb tacks, OR buy inexpensive foam boards the height of your wall and cover them. The latter allows for a bit more creativity, as you can play with shapes and patterns of the boards!


Who says curtains are JUST to cover a window? No one has to know! Simply attach a curtain rod near the top of your ceiling, and hang fun patterned curtains! It will add a splash of color as well as make the room seem larger!

Custom Artwork

Don't paint wallSounds fancy, right? This is your time to get creative! Even if you are artistically challenged, try your hand at some abstract artwork! It will certainly be unique, and add a fun flare to any space!

Whether you are renting or simply do not want to paint your walls, these five ideas should get you headed in the right direction!

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