Leasing Tips for Bad Credit


ForLease Atlanta’s friendly leasing experts want to help you decide on a beautiful Atlanta condo or apartment, regardless of your credit score. However, if you are unsure about even making an appointment with us due to your credit score, here are a few tips that show how you can still lease even with bad credit.

Bad Credit Doesn’t Always = Zero Optionsbc

If you are ready to make the move to Atlanta but have low/bad credit, here are some ways it may still be possible:

  • Co-Signer – Any easy fix for any bad credit situation is to get a co-signer i.e. someone who will take responsibility and guarantee any debt owed will be paid back. If you have a relative with good credit who is willing to co-sign on your lease, this may help persuade a landlord to give you a chance. A roommate with good credit is another person who may be allowed to co-sign the lease at the property you are interested in.
  • Proving Income – Perhaps a co-signer is out of the question, but even if you have bad credit, there is a reason people have coined the phrase, “money talks.” Have pay stubs available to show a potential landlord to prove you can pay for your space; it may also help to have reference letters and employment letters available as well, especially if you are a recent graduate. However, regardless of your age, these documents can help to prove that you are a responsible individual who will be a responsible tenant.
  • Housing Cost – It is important to search for places within your means, meaning something within one third of your take-home pay. Sometimes you can get approved for higher rates with good credit (though this is not always wise); however, with bad credit it is extremely important to follow this common housing cost rule. The good news is that our ForLease Atlanta agents can help you along by showing you spaces that match your price maximum.
  • Individual Landlords – Most large property management companies have very strict credit standards that can be tough to get around if you have bad credit, even using the above tips. Luckily, smaller properties owned by individual landlords have a much easier credit process in general (and sometimes they do not even check your credit). Whether from empathy or a lot of vacancies, these smaller places may be a great place to live while you begin to build your credit score back up!

For more information about leasing in Atlanta or to schedule a private appointment with one of our ForLease Atlanta agents, please call us at 404-228-0913. We look forward to beginning the process of finding your perfect Atlanta condo or apartment soon!

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