How to deal with noisy neighbors

If you just moved into a rented space in metro-Atlanta from a house, you may be surprised by the noise from your neighbors. It is a common problem among a shared living space, even a town home. It is not necessarily the building structure, or the noisy neighbor’s fault; often times, they do not know you can hear them. Regardless of who’s at fault, here are four suggestions from your friends at ForLease Atlanta for handling a noisy neighbor or neighbors without ruining an otherwise amicable relationship. Frustrated child

1. Use the walls

In all actuality, the noisy neighbors probably do not know that you can hear them. Try knocking on the wall where the noise is coming from. This may not be a permanent fix, and a conversation may be inevitable, but it will at least make them aware that you can hear them.

2. Develop a plan of action

Simply complaining may solve the problem, but if you want a more probable option, develop a reasonable plan of action. For instance, if your neighbor likes to play his piano at 1 a.m., explain that you are trying to sleep at that time and suggest that he stops playing around midnight.

3. Call the landlord

If you are not on good terms with your neighbors, or are scared or embarrassed to approach them yourself, call the landlord. The landlord will send the noisy tenant a polite note explaining that anonymous noise complaints have been received and kindly ask them to keep the noise level down.

4. Use clever tactics

If you have tried all of these options to no avail, a sneakier approach may just do the trick. Change your WiFi network name to something like “PleaseKeepTheNoiseDownApt2201”. This method’s success rate is limited if your neighbors have their own router, or are not looking to get online, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

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