Helpful Moving Tips for Your Atlanta Move!

It is an exciting time for you; you just got a brand new job in Atlanta, Georgia. You have lived your entire life in Lansing Michigan, so it will be quite a big change for you, but you have weighed your options and decided you are going to be renting an apartment in the city. At ForLease Atlanta, we want to help make the transition easier for you. Our agents will work with you to evaluate your needs and make sure you are in the right place for you. Check out some helpful moving tips we have learned over the years! people moving upstairs

  1. Pack an overnight bag with essentials: Much like you would take for a weekend trip, you will want to pack a bag to get you through the first couple of nights. You will not want to have to rummage through boxes to find your toothbrush the first night in your new place!
  2. Use your clothes: Why spend money on bubble wrap and boxes when the things you need to protect breakables are coming with you too? Use your clothes to protect your fragile items, and you will save time and money.
  3. Cover the openings of bottles with plastic wrap and screw the caps back on: This will prevent spills from ruining your belongings, and help you keep track of the bottle lids.
  4. Use plastic bags for holding screws, bolts, etc for large items: Tape the plastic bag to the back of the item, and when you are ready to reassemble, everything will be right there! Larger bags also work great for cords to electronics!
  5. Color code your stuff for each room: Designate a color for each room of your new home to make unpacking quicker and easier. That way, the people helping you move can easily see where they are supposed to go with the heavy box!

Welcome to a new chapter of your life, and welcome to the city of trees!

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