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If you are not sure what ForLease Atlanta can do for you, we first want to help you get to know us! Even if you have not heard of us before, we are sure you’ve heard of the broader scope of who we are affiliated with, the award-winning Palmer House Properties. Some of Palmer House’s recent accolades include the following:

Now that you see who is the impressive ‘umbrella’ per say, of our business is, let us show you what we can do for you!

ForLease Atlanta is the expert at providing our clients with:

  • The best and largest selection of available properties based on their individual needs-analysis.
  • Our personalized rental reports that can be viewed from any location that meet or exceed our client’s location objectives.
  • Orientation area tours that feature sample properties and assist in familiarizing you with local neighborhoods, amenities, parking, retail shopping, entertainment options, traffic patterns, and parks / recreation facilities.
  • Introduction to prospective property management teams and assistance in lease term reviews, move-in special programs, and contract negotiations.

At ForLease Atlanta we make it our personal mission to cultivate a trusting relationship with our clients and then build on this relationship through personal neighborhood tours, private appointments to discuss your needs and lifestyle and we make it point to not give our clients property information that is out of their target (whether price or location).

If you are interested in beginning a the process of discussing and locating an Atlanta condo or apartment for you or your family, please contact our highly skilled ForLease Atlanta agents today! For more information, please contact us by calling 404-228-0913.



A More Livable Buckhead?

ForLease Atlanta agents enjoy showing our clients around the beautiful areas of Atlanta, which of course always includes the stunning area of Buckhead, Georgia. This historically luxurious area has long been a place sought out by those interested in relocating to the wealthier side of Atlanta. However, one of the disadvantages long associated with this area has been the lack of green space; an interesting issue for an area found within the “City of Trees,” (nickname of Atlanta).

Logo via Livable Buckhead’s public Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Livable-Buckhead-199615506718059/timeline/?ref=br_rs

Livable Buckhead, Inc.

Livable Buckhead, Inc.’ project’s mission, “…strives to ensure the long term vitality and prosperity of the Buckhead community by working cooperatively with individuals, public entities and private businesses to integrate into everyday life and business sustainable strategies that improve the environment and  quality of life in the community.”

One focus of this project is to add green space to Buckhead, which is a very large initiative requiring loads of imagination, ingenuity, and support from the local community. Some of the initiatives for this part of the project includes:

  • Supporting existing parks in Buckhead.
  • Developing new parks of various sizes and functions in the Buckhead area.

Award Winning PATH 400

One of the new parks that has already begun is called PATH 400, recent winner of an E3 award for from the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce for “Moving the Needle” Innovative Greenway Project, Selected for Top Honors in Transportation Category.

What is PATH 400?

As the name suggests, PATH400 is a path that runs along GA 400 who’s first phase was recently opened in January 2015. Once complete, this path will provide a 5.2 mile greenway through the Buckhead area, and connect neighborhoods, office and retail locations. It can be used for pedestrians (walkers/runners), as well as bikers, and has so far been a hit with the local community. Plans for this path are to eventually connect with the Atlanta Beltline in the south and trails in Sandy Springs and north Fulton County. See the full plan pictured below:

Image via Livable Buckhead Project Page at http://livablebuckhead.com/greenspace-2/path400-trail/

Green Space = More Livability

With these Livable Buckhead projects successfully creating more green space in the neighborhood of Buckhead, it is no wonder that more and more buyers and renters are taking interest in the area.

If you would like to peruse the Buckhead apartments and condos currently available for lease in this exquisite neighborhood, please contact one of our experienced ForLease Atlanta agents today. Our agents would be happy to personally take you on a tour of the available properties to help you discover why so many are enamored with this beautiful Atlanta area.

For more information about what we can do for you at ForLease Atlanta, please contact us by calling us at 404-228-0913 or by filling out our contact form online.

National Preparedness Month

9/11 Memorial in NYC

Patriot Day, a.k.a. 9/11, has recently passed bringing up memories of the very tragic events that occurred on September 11, 2001. In light of this day, ForLease Atlanta would like to take the time to say THANK YOU to all of our local Atlanta police, firemen and EMTs for all that you do everyday! You keep Atlanta safe and help when emergency situations arise, which oftens puts you in the line of danger. Thank you for your ongoing determination and dedication to our great city. We appreciate all of your sacrifices and everything that each and every one of you do! Thank you!

Ready Campaign

Image via Ready Campaign site at www.ready.gov

September is “National Preparedness Month;” but if you have not heard of it yet, it is a great thing to learn about. Here are some details about this PSA campaign:

  • Known as the ‘Ready Campaign,’ the month of September serves as a time to make an action plan with your family in order to be prepared in case of an emergency (natural disaster or other type).
  • 2015’s theme is: Don’t Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today.
  • This overall theme is broken down by the week:
    • Week 1:  September 1-5th            Flood
    • Week 2:  September 6-12th          Wildfire
    • Week 3:  September 13-19th        Hurricane
    • Week 4:  September 20-26th        Power Outage
    • Week 5:  September 27-30th        Lead up to National PrepareAthon! Day (Sept. 30th )

Ready Public Service Announcement Video

Are You Prepared?

FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), a sponsor of this PSA campaign, offers some excellent educational materials for those interested in making a disaster plan on the Ready Campaign website and at FEMA.org. Even if you do not use these helpful documents, please take the time to communicate with your family about what to do during a disaster or unexpected event. Being prepared can make a huge difference to everyone involved. If you live in Georgia, check out the Ready Georgia site for more information, as well as the others listed previously.

ForLease Atlanta hopes that you take time this month to discuss National Preparedness Month and what this means to you and your family. If you live in an Atlanta condo or apartment, or are looking for one, be sure to find out from the property managers what their disaster procedures are for natural disasters, like tornados and other severe weather; also ask about fire/flood procedures. When you have the property’s plan for your building, then you can add to it with your personal planning. If your building does not have much of a plan, take the time to seriously make one of your own, so you will be prepared. Good luck!

At ForLease Atlanta we will help you find the perfect Atlanta neighborhood to fit your lifestyle and budget. Contact us today so our agents can be your Atlanta condo and apartment locator! Please call us at 404-228-0913.


Leasing Tips for Bad Credit


ForLease Atlanta’s friendly leasing experts want to help you decide on a beautiful Atlanta condo or apartment, regardless of your credit score. However, if you are unsure about even making an appointment with us due to your credit score, here are a few tips that show how you can still lease even with bad credit.

Bad Credit Doesn’t Always = Zero Optionsbc

If you are ready to make the move to Atlanta but have low/bad credit, here are some ways it may still be possible:

  • Co-Signer – Any easy fix for any bad credit situation is to get a co-signer i.e. someone who will take responsibility and guarantee any debt owed will be paid back. If you have a relative with good credit who is willing to co-sign on your lease, this may help persuade a landlord to give you a chance. A roommate with good credit is another person who may be allowed to co-sign the lease at the property you are interested in.
  • Proving Income – Perhaps a co-signer is out of the question, but even if you have bad credit, there is a reason people have coined the phrase, “money talks.” Have pay stubs available to show a potential landlord to prove you can pay for your space; it may also help to have reference letters and employment letters available as well, especially if you are a recent graduate. However, regardless of your age, these documents can help to prove that you are a responsible individual who will be a responsible tenant.
  • Housing Cost – It is important to search for places within your means, meaning something within one third of your take-home pay. Sometimes you can get approved for higher rates with good credit (though this is not always wise); however, with bad credit it is extremely important to follow this common housing cost rule. The good news is that our ForLease Atlanta agents can help you along by showing you spaces that match your price maximum.
  • Individual Landlords – Most large property management companies have very strict credit standards that can be tough to get around if you have bad credit, even using the above tips. Luckily, smaller properties owned by individual landlords have a much easier credit process in general (and sometimes they do not even check your credit). Whether from empathy or a lot of vacancies, these smaller places may be a great place to live while you begin to build your credit score back up!

For more information about leasing in Atlanta or to schedule a private appointment with one of our ForLease Atlanta agents, please call us at 404-228-0913. We look forward to beginning the process of finding your perfect Atlanta condo or apartment soon!