Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade

It is almost the end of February, which means March is just around the corner! One of the longest standing traditions for Atlanta in March is the Atlanta St. Patrick’s day parade in Midtown, Atlanta. This year’s parade will be on March 12th, and is sure not to disappoint. 

St. Patricks day paradeLet us learn a bit about the history of St. Patrick’s Day, and the parade!

This year is 2016, and is particularly special to the Irish. It marks the centennial since the 1916 Irish Easter Rising, which was a critical step in the Irish gaining their independence from Great Britain. After this pivotal moment in history, it was just a few, albeit turbulent, years until Ireland would be declared a free state in 1922.

St. Patrick’s Day, as a whole, celebrates the Irish culture by remembering the feast of St. Patrick, as well as honoring his life, which is also the goal of the parade. The Atlanta parade began in 1858, making it not only Atlanta’s oldest parade, but one of the oldest in the country! The city of Atlanta has welcomed and supported the Irish community in remembering St. Patrick through this parade, and The Atlanta Constitution even dedicated an entire page to the parade in 1893.

The Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day parade will be Saturday March 12th in Midtown, Atlanta. If you are looking to do something that is family-friendly and educational as well as just plain fun, you should check it out. If you have an Atlanta apartment or condo along the parade route you can simply go out on your balcony and watch it, or if you’re interested in renting one, contact us!

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