5 Things To Remember Before Signing A Lease

You are ready to move! Congratulations! It is a big step. You have your belongings packed up, the moving van secured, and those college buddies who were promised a pizza if they agreed to help. You have paid your security deposit, and dropped off your rent for the first month. What more do you need?

There are 5 things renters sometimes forget to check before renting that we hope you Rentconsider.

  1. Location: This is a big one. If possible, you will want to spend a few days staying in the area you plan on renting before signing a lease. What if it does not have the nightlife you were hoping for? What if it is too loud at night? These are things you may be able to discover by getting a hotel and exploring the area.
  2. Fees: You will want to know your budget before looking for a place, but many people forget about the cost of utilities, rental fees, and late fees. Be sure to take everything into account.
  3. Length of the Lease: What happens if you move for a job, and lose the job a month later? How much does it cost to break the lease? Knowing the length and terms of your lease is something you want to be absolutely clear on; otherwise, you may be in for a rude awakening if anything does happen.
  4. Building Size: This is a tricky one, because if you have little to no experience living in multiple places, it is hard to be a great judge of a places pro’s and con’s. You will want to determine if you want to rent an apartment, with more amenities but also less privacy and more communal living or a condo/house with less amenities, but more privacy and a private style of living.
  5. Amenities: Regardless of what type of living you will want, they all come with pro’s and con’s, and certain amenities that come with that. Make a list of must-haves for your place. These are things you absolutely must have in order to consider moving in. Next, make a list of amenities that would be nice to have, but not deal breakers. Finally, put a numerical rank determining the importance of each. This should help make the decision easier!

No matter which type of home you decide to dwell in, we hope you will be happy, and remember we are always here to help you in your search!

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