5 Reasons to Live in Atlanta


Our great agents at ForLease Atlanta love being your Atlanta apartment and condo locators. However, we often get asked why so many people want to move into Atlanta; of course the answer to this questions is not a simple one. So here are some of our top reasons why people want to live in Atlanta, besides just being ITP (inside the perimeter).

#1 City Size

Atlanta is the Ninth Largest Metro in the United States and seems to be growing every year. Why is this good for you? It’s great to have such a thriving city to live in because it means employment is up, housing is in demand (yet affordable) and it offers a broader diversity than you would get in other areas.

#2 Local Attractionsaquarium

True, most local attractions are meant to be tourist-traps, but that they are actually really great for residents too! Take the Georgia Aquarium, for example; it boasts one of the world’s largest aquariums! Who wouldn’t want to experience that?! Other fun Atlanta attractions include the World of Coca-Cola, Centennial Olympic Park, the Fox Theatre, the Varsity, the Atlanta High Museum of Art and so many more!

#3 Green Space  

Known as, “The City of Trees,” Atlanta is not short on green space, even though it is a thriving urban area. Our lovely city is composed of 343 parks, nature preserves, gardens and public spaces, with Piedmont Park being the central Atlanta park.* So if you enjoy an active lifestyle, you should have no trouble maintaining it in our green city.

*Park information via wikipedia.com

#4 The Food Scene

You don’t have to be a foodie to delight in all of the delicious delicacies that await you in and around Atlanta. Our food scene is top notch, from the fabulous steak houses of Buckhead to the scrumptious Asian restaurants on Buford Highway. Even the ATL’s food trucks are upping their game and can be sampled at the Atlanta Food Truck Park and other locations around the city.

#5 Creative Neighborhood Vibes

Almost anywhere you walk in Atlanta, you will find public art installations and street art. The interesting thing is that much of the ATL’s street art is encouraged by programs such as Atlanta’s Living Walls – The City Speaks conferences, allowing art to be shared for free to everyone. Many neighborhoods also just seem to be saturated with amazing creativity, like the area known as Little Five Points. If you are a new college grad looking for a unique and creative city to live in, Atlanta may be for you!

The list of why Atlanta is a great place to live can go on and on, but we’ll stop here to let you consider what we have said so far. Please browse our other blogs to read more about this fantastic city. ForLease Atlanta loves to keep our readers up to date on all of the best parts of Atlanta!

Interested in finding an Atlanta condo or apartment with our agents at ForLease Atlanta? Please contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started. We look forward to finding your perfect Atlanta neighborhood!


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