Decluttering Before a Move



So let’s say that you have taken the time to meet with one of our amazing ForLease Atlanta agents, gone over your options, have allowed your agent to be you Atlanta condo or apartment locator and are have just signed the lease to your new place; now it is time for the dreaded packing and moving of your belongings. While moving companies can ease the pain of a move, there is still a lot you have to take care of on your own; however, decluttering before a move can help!

To make things easier on yourself, take some time to downsize what you have by organizing and decluttering your current residence. Begin with areas that tend to be used as storage spaces, such as closets, attics, garages, etc. This will vary depending on the type of residence you currently have, but the idea is the same; anywhere you have accumulated ‘stuff,’ start decluttering and downsizing. Another simple method is to just take it one room at a time.

When sorting through your belongs, make two separate piles; one pile for items you are keeping (and moving) and one pile that you are not keeping. For those items you are not choosing to keep. consider donating them to a local charity. Donating items help your community and can give you a nice tax write-off too! Depending on the quality of what you have in the donation pile, you may also want to break this pile into another category to discard items that are no longer working or useful. If you have large items to donate, such as furniture, many local charities (like the Salvation Army) offer to schedule a pickup at your residence for your convenience.

Once you have sorted what items will be moving with you and what will not be, recheck your piles for your final check. If everything is good, it is time to begin packing for your move!

*Packing Tip: Pack all items one room at a time, clearly marking the contents and which room each box will need to go to in your new place. For example, Glasses & Stemware – Kitchen.

ForLease Atlanta looks forward to helping you into you new Atlanta condo or apartment this summer! Please contact us to schedule an appointment and we will have you in the perfect Atlanta neighborhood to fit your lifestyle in no time!

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